„This is the best way to learn something. It is worth more than a thousand lectures“
„I simply want to thank your company for the invitation, and you and your colleagues for the clarity of the topics discussed.“
„Useful initiative. I learned a lot about how to make my CV more effective! Few employment agencies give this opportunity.“
„Thank you so much, today I’m going home with a great sense of satisfaction and inspiration.“
„It’s fantastic that I could dedicate this Saturday to help young people finding their way on the labour market! And we had a great time with all the colleagues, good for (our) team spirit!“

  • 22nd October 2016: First Global CSR Event: Destination Work!
  • Twelve countries involved!
  • Thousands of young, unemployed people visited our offices to get trained and become more employable/boost their chances to get a job!
  • Hundreds of colleagues have dedicated their free time to make this event a great success.
  • Tons of updates, likes, tweets, retweets and shares prior, during and after the event in press, web and on socials by using the #destinationwork and #gigroup hashtags.

Apart from all these impressive words from participants and volunteers and the great numbers, Destination Work is making us realize once again that we can truly make a difference in other people’s lives. We can and we want to be influential in establishing and developing the labour market, supporting our local communities.

We want to thank all of you who have been dedicating their time to make Destination Work 2016 such an impactful event!